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What is Tang Soo Do?

A few of the current adult class members.

Tang Soo Do is an ancient martial art which originated 2,000 years ago in Korea. Tang Soo Do is a method of empty hand, foot, and weapon fighting based upon the scientific use of the body in self-defense. Technically, Tang Soo do is based upon the principles of yielding, circular motion, and penetration. Applications of the above fashioned movements to a humans weakest points (vital points) will have no equal in power or effectiveness.

The reputation for superior kicking techniques and development of the legs is another proud asset of Tang Soo Do. As a student you will learn to use your hands and legs in such a manner as to simulate actual combat with an armed or unarmed opponent. With these skills, we guarantee you a method of self-defense that has no equal. Today, the techniques and philosophy are still taught as they were in ancient times, although the system has adjusted to the physical needs of modern lifestyles. Most of all, this mysterious art is designed to develop individual character, mental strength, integrity, and respect for others.


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