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Why is Tang Soo Do the best choice for Women!


Self-defense - Weight Control
Tang Soo Do techniques are taught in a manner specially geared to the needs of women's self-defense and can last a lifetime. The distinctive nature of this style is neither too soft, nor too strenuous for women and the variety of defense techniques is not equaled in any other form of martial arts.

The various combinations of vigorous techniques condition and reduce inner and outer thighs, buttocks, and stomach area. While practicing self-defense techniques, these area's muscle groups are worked so that fat is regenerated into firm muscles.

Build Beautiful Posture
Repetition of these techniques will rebuild your body giving you better balance, more agile and graceful movements, a healthier appearance and a better complexion.

Happier Life by Balancing Your Mind and Body
Our training unifies development of mental concentration and emotional control. With special exercises, such as meditation, breathing exercises, and forms students can control emotional attachments and enable themselves to think positively and open their minds to others. Exercise can also help the body correct illnesses, certain cases of depression and hypertension, arthritis and diabetes.